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I love thunderstorms. I love when the lightning is so bright that you can still see it after closing your eyes, and the thunder is loud enough to literally shake the ground, and the rain pounds so loudly that there's no point in turning on the radio in your car. But the very best part is when you come home to find four inches of rainwater and mud in your basement, ruined books and sheet music, and broken electronic equipment.

Wait, I think I said that wrong.

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I can no longer remember what posessed me to write this. I read it and it sounded like it came from someone else's head.

But I guess that should be obvious, since I'm writing again.

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The War in Iraq Never Seemed Real to Me Until...
(a cliched post that I am posting anyway)

by Amy Hawkins

So I was hanging out with my good friend Chris, and his good friend Dave. Dave just got back from Iraq a few months ago, after falling out of a helicopter and tearing up his shoulder. He regaled us with various stories, like the one about five guys who got stranded in the middle of the desert for nearly a week with nothing but water. Somehow he managed to make all these stories funny (ex: comparing the stranded troops to the Star Wars sand people). Then he started talking about being back home and helping out with some training exercises. He made fun of the cocky 18-year-olds who thought they were awesome but didn't actually know how to do anything. He made fun of the officer who decided to be all ironically funny by putting Dave in charge of teaching the new guys how to jump out of helicopters (see sentence 2, this paragraph). At this point, Chris said, "Man, Dave, I would think you'd be scared of getting back in a helicopter." And Dave said, "Naw... I'm not scared of getting back in a helicopter. I'm only scared of being in a helicopter when I'm BEING SHOT AT."

Sometimes, it amazes me that anyone ever comes back alive.

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Well, I succeeded at sticking to my new packing philosophy. The new place is beautiful. My closet is huge! The cats still hate each other. Having a dishwasher ROCKS. Still not having an internet connection does not rock. The move was totally worth it, by way more than just two points. And everything even fits in my bedroom, without looking nearly so crowded as I had expected!

Yay for a totally disjointed post! Hey, at least I'm posting.

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I am boxing up everything I own. AGAIN. I am about to move to my tenth home in 5 years. Previously, I have always packed under the philosophy of "Oh, just throw things in boxes. I'll organize them when I unpack." This philosophy has resulted in me carting 18 tons of CRAP that I NEVER USE in and out of NINE different apartments, and never organizing any of it. This time, I am adopting a new philosophy:

"Throw things away! Give them to Goodwill! And for God's sake, please don't throw unrelated things into the same box!"

I solemnly swear to uphold this new philosophy in all of my packing, for the rest of my days.

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today's color = tomboy

1) Practiced my breakdancing moves.
2) Went rock climbing.
3) Decided that I was stinky, and borrowed some deodorant that may or may not have smelled like OLD SPICE.
4) Went to Hooters and ate meat off the bone with my bare hands.
5) Briefly considered (read: did not actually consider, but laughed at the suggestion of) slapping the Hooters waitress's ass. Quote: "That wouldn't really make me a tomboy, that would make me more of a LESBIAN."
6) Went out to a club and became the only girl to enter the breakdancing circle. Managed to shock a few people by doing so.

It's funny because the last time I was at the same club, I was wearing a black strapless dress and heels.