5/13/2004 03:21:00 AM   [ link ]

today's color = tomboy

1) Practiced my breakdancing moves.
2) Went rock climbing.
3) Decided that I was stinky, and borrowed some deodorant that may or may not have smelled like OLD SPICE.
4) Went to Hooters and ate meat off the bone with my bare hands.
5) Briefly considered (read: did not actually consider, but laughed at the suggestion of) slapping the Hooters waitress's ass. Quote: "That wouldn't really make me a tomboy, that would make me more of a LESBIAN."
6) Went out to a club and became the only girl to enter the breakdancing circle. Managed to shock a few people by doing so.

It's funny because the last time I was at the same club, I was wearing a black strapless dress and heels.