5/20/2004 01:09:00 PM   [ link ]

The War in Iraq Never Seemed Real to Me Until...
(a cliched post that I am posting anyway)

by Amy Hawkins

So I was hanging out with my good friend Chris, and his good friend Dave. Dave just got back from Iraq a few months ago, after falling out of a helicopter and tearing up his shoulder. He regaled us with various stories, like the one about five guys who got stranded in the middle of the desert for nearly a week with nothing but water. Somehow he managed to make all these stories funny (ex: comparing the stranded troops to the Star Wars sand people). Then he started talking about being back home and helping out with some training exercises. He made fun of the cocky 18-year-olds who thought they were awesome but didn't actually know how to do anything. He made fun of the officer who decided to be all ironically funny by putting Dave in charge of teaching the new guys how to jump out of helicopters (see sentence 2, this paragraph). At this point, Chris said, "Man, Dave, I would think you'd be scared of getting back in a helicopter." And Dave said, "Naw... I'm not scared of getting back in a helicopter. I'm only scared of being in a helicopter when I'm BEING SHOT AT."

Sometimes, it amazes me that anyone ever comes back alive.