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1) I'm moving. Despite a smaller bedroom, my new apartment is awesome! I mean come on. I can climb out my bedroom window and onto the roof!

2) The I/O board in my computer at work BROKE today for the THIRD TIME. kasjfhakdfjhakadh

3) I dropped my networking class.** I swear, it was eating away at my soul. Also, I felt like killing myself every time I attempted to do the projects for it. I feel like a dirty quitter, but how can being a dirty quitter be wrong when it feels so gooood?

4) In exchange for dropping networking, I have promised myself that I will work on my research at least 25 hours a week instead of the required 20. This would be a lot easier to accomplish if the STUPID BOARD hadn't broken AGAIN.

5) This amuses me.

** Too bad for you, Eric! Hahaha.

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My Science Fair Project

The Effects of Moving to a New Apartment
by: Amy E. Hawkins

hypothesis: I should move. No wait. I shouldn't move. Shit, I can't do this, I don't even have a hypothesis!

method: Make a detailed list of the pros of a new apartment, vs. the pros of my current apartment. Rank each item on a scale of 1-5 based on how important it is to me.

pros of the NEW apartment:
4 - new carpet and hardwood
5 - central air
3 - dishwasher
2 - washer & dryer
5 - very big closets
1 - nicer bathroom
2 - can sit outside on the roof
1 - no terrible 8-yr-old violinist downstairs
1 - two cats to play with
2 - sharing cost of utilities

total = 26

pros of my CURRENT apartment:
5 - VERY spacious bedroom
3 - total privacy
2 - no weird modern decor **
1 - shorter drive to school
1 - utopically safe neighborhood
3 - feels like home

total = 15

Clearly, the new apartment is better. If I was forced to go through the hassle of moving, and had to choose between the two apartments I would definitely pick the new one. But is there enough of a difference to warrant all the hassle of packing my things and hiring movers, as well as paying $100 more in rent per month? If I were to rank these items in the same manner as above, it would look like this:

COST of moving
2 - higher rent
5 - packing
2 - hiring movers

total = 9

observations/results: Clearly, the pros of the new apartment should outweigh the pros of the old apartment by at least the cost of actually moving.

if (Pnew - Pold > Cost)
    I should move
    I should not move

As you can see, 26 - 15 = 11 which is greater than 9. So I should move. But... I don't even know if all my stuff will fit in the new bedroom! And that's only a difference of two points!

conclusion: I still have no clue. So much for the scientific method.

** Seriously. Bidets in the bathrooms?? HIDEOUS ugly modern lighting fixtures in the bedrooms? (Did I mention that these lighting fixures are BRIGHT RED?) We will replace those awful things.

...If I move, that is.

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A few weeks ago I noticed an internet ad that said "Don't forget that Mother's Day is coming up soon!" along with a date. I diligently wrote down the date in my calendar, and scheduled my computer to remind me to call my mom. However, when I called my mother, she seemed confused.

"Isn't Mother's Day in May?" she said.

Pshhhht. "Isn't Mother's Day in May?" What kind of stupid question is that? Mother's day is today, Mom, the internet told me so, and I know it must be right.

But then I found this.

I called my mom on THE WRONG MOTHER'S DAY.

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stream of thought from earlier this afternoon

people bought me lots of birthday drinks last night (leads to) mmmmmm, french fries
turkey dinner with Elaine in 3 hours (leads to) don't want to eat too much
happy meal = perfect size
drive through window attendant: "girl or boy?"
me: very confused... why does she care if I'm.....?

ooh, TOY!!

boys toys are always cooler, right?
"uhhhhhhh....... boy"
yes indeed. now I have a snowboarding legoman.

ahh, just like third grade when all the boys used to make "fingerboards" using lots of layers of paper, and they'd even buy clear sandpaper stuff to put on top and make it feel like a real skateboard.

ps - Thank you to all who showed up at Blue Hill last night! It was wonderful to have so many people stop by, and to have some of my non-intersecting circles of friends actually meet each other. I feel like I should have made more of an effort to mingle and let everyone know how glad I was to see them. It's kind of stressful being the birthday girl and thus being in charge of introducing everyone, and making sure we find tables where the whole group can be together, and making everyone feel welcome and appreciated and being expected to drink nine billion shots.

pps - Chris: Rumple Minze. NEVER. AGAIN. That shit is nasty.

ppps - Eric: thank you for taking care of me.

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Why is it that this one made me grab the arms of my chair with white knuckles and scream out loud for a good 10 seconds, but this one made me chuckle?

That's just wrong.

3/09/2004 11:10:00 PM   [ link ]

lightistoobright: ugh. so unmotivated
Mlahumlaha: yeah? what needs to be done?
lightistoobright: networking : (
lightistoobright: and just as a testament to my lack of motivation
lightistoobright: you should know that I just accidentally typed "notworking"
Mlahumlaha: lmao

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maybe you'd be kidnapped by pirates, and they would take you to their hideout (as pirates often do)

I don't think I've ever used this site for a shameless plug before, but this is for a good cause, I promise.

3 reasons why you should vote for LUDO right now:

right now!

1) they are in 2nd place out of 129 bands, but they won't win without your help!

2) the first place band
a) sucks

b) has already secured a place in the SXSW showcase! they are trying to win a second timeslot, which is totally unfair. other deserving bands (like Ludo!) should have a chance.

3) Ludo's lyrics mention pirates, wookies, and E.T.

I mean seriously. How can you go wrong with pirates??

Vote from every computer you can get your hands on. ALL OF THEM.

ps - Sometimes during the day, the site loads very slowly. Late at night (or early morning) is a better time to vote.