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a silly ode.

[sappy mushy stuff removed]

I combed through my archives to find the earliest mentions of him:
exhibit A (11/28/2002)
exhibit B (11/25/2002)

And of course, it wouldn't be complete without a reference to the very first time I ever met him:
exhibit C (8/7/2002)
The answer is yes. YES he was the one with markers up his nose, ok people? Leave me alone.

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I've been reading tons of graphics papers lately for class. One of them is "Linear Combination of Transformations" (wheeeee, pink cows!!) Another is "Errors and Omissions in Marc Alexa's Linear Combination of Transformations", which I assert ought to have been titled "Marc Alexa's Linear Combination of Transformations is the Worst Paper Ever Written".

They rip his paper to shreds with such venom that I can only assume that they tried to implement it and failed miserably and became very angry.

They conclude by quoting the second-to-last paragraph of Alexa's paper, and countering it thus:

Hopefully, after reading this paper, you will agree that the [quoted] paragraph is completely false. Alexa's approach is not this simplest, it is not the most flexible, and it is not the most efficient. It requires more complex numerical techniques than equivalent or superior methods, not less. And we hope that you will join us in ignoring Alexa's request that these techniques "find their way into every graphics API".

I'm pretty sure these guys have some valid concerns about the original paper, but I just can't stop laughing about how utterly incensed they are.

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rocking horse, tiger paws!

As an early Valentine's Day present for Mike, I signed us up for a massage class so we could both learn how to give awesomer backrubs. The first ten minutes or so were really awkward. The massage therapist was explaining some basic things, and asked us to practice them. On ourselves. On our legs. I felt really silly, but I tentatively squeezed my leg.... and then looked at Mike and collapsed in giggles.

Once we got more comfortable with the situation, it was way more fun to watch everyone else than to worry about feeling self-conscious. For instance:

The guy who walks in and announces, "I have a catheter bag, so I can't lay on my stomach! Can we still do this?"

The goofy laughing couple who WOULD NOT STOP slapping each other's asses.

The lady who somehow managed to hurt her husband by applying a little too much pressure. Then, she tried to figure out what she had done that hurt, so she could avoid it, and he FLIPPED OUT.

"It was your LEFT HAND, where were you putting your LEFT HAND??"

"My left hand was here the whole time, and my right hand was here, so --"


After a few minutes of him yelling at her, she finally gave up and said, "Hmmph, and you wonder why I don't do this sort of thing more often?"

The lady who was grunting repeatedly, and the teacher asked if it was hurting. She said no, it felt good, and her husband said, "Yep! Heh heh, sheeeeeeee's a groaner! Heh heh heh heh!"

OH MY GOD PEOPLE, you are OLD and I do NOT WANT TO THINK ABOUT what you just made me think about.

Conclusion? I'm pretty sure no one came out of there with stories about us. Therefore, if we consider the class to be a random sample of the population, it follows that 2/3 of all people are weirder than me. That is both comforting and terrifying.

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why indeed?

You might think that it's getting a little late for me to relate an anecdote about the Superbowl, but you know what? I don't care what you think.

Last Sunday, Mikey had some people over to his sparkly new apartment, and cooked tasty tasty fajitas. Me, Sara and Jen were sitting on the couch, while Mike and Scott were tending to the fajitas. (Tasty tasty fajitas). Jen started telling a story about her latest assignment for med school, which was to practice giving a routine physical to a volunteer patient. She was explaining to us that the woman she was assigned to work on happened to have breast implants, and she was describing how weird that was.

"Hey," I said. "Do you realize that the girls are sitting out here on the couch... watching the game.... drinking beer.... and the boys are slaving away in the kitchen?"

"Yeah, AND you're talking about boobies!!" came a dismayed voice from the kitchen. "Why did you have to wait until we left to do that??"

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When are those idiot girls next door to me going to realize that THEIR DOG DOES NOT RESPOND TO WHISTLING?? And when are they going to learn that whistling repeatedly under my window at 4am is RUDE?

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If you're seeing this, it means that the DNS has propagated to my new host! And now those dumb popups that came from the redirection service that I was using will be gone! Gone gone gone!

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I will no longer be hosting this site from my school webspace, I'm moving over to real hosting soon!

Anyone who links to me as http://userfs.cec.wustl.edu/~aeh1/lightistoobright should stop, since I will be taking it down in a few weeks. Please link to www.lightistoobright.com.

Also, please let me know if there are any broken links, etc from the move.