2/09/2005 10:59:00 AM   [ link ]

why indeed?

You might think that it's getting a little late for me to relate an anecdote about the Superbowl, but you know what? I don't care what you think.

Last Sunday, Mikey had some people over to his sparkly new apartment, and cooked tasty tasty fajitas. Me, Sara and Jen were sitting on the couch, while Mike and Scott were tending to the fajitas. (Tasty tasty fajitas). Jen started telling a story about her latest assignment for med school, which was to practice giving a routine physical to a volunteer patient. She was explaining to us that the woman she was assigned to work on happened to have breast implants, and she was describing how weird that was.

"Hey," I said. "Do you realize that the girls are sitting out here on the couch... watching the game.... drinking beer.... and the boys are slaving away in the kitchen?"

"Yeah, AND you're talking about boobies!!" came a dismayed voice from the kitchen. "Why did you have to wait until we left to do that??"