11/30/2002 07:18:00 PM   [ link ]

Someone could be looking for your new email address!

Want to know who?

[insert picture of cute girl]

Enter your old and current email addresses below to find out!

(Otherwise known as "help all the spammers update their mailing lists.") Wow.

11/28/2002 11:08:00 PM   [ link ]

I made dinner for hungry boys.
(Only Mike would eat the broccoli.)
I went to the movies.
I slept.

I overslept.
I packed.
I put Ana in the car.
I left for Springfield.
I drove into a ditch.
(I'm OK.)
I relied on the kindness of strangers.
I was interrogated.
I called Tim and asked for a story.
(Not involving cars. Or cats.)
He told me a story about a cat.
Driving a car.
Off of a cliff.
I slept.

My neck hurts.
I am antisocial.
(Even around family.)
I live for homemade rolls.


I will mail my rent check.
I will call the insurance company.
I will cry when I hear my new insurance rates.
I will write two papers.
I will study for my Monday exam.

I will pretend that this break was relaxing.

11/25/2002 08:49:00 PM   [ link ]

Benne Gesserit: He's mine! Leave him alone!
Benne Gesserit: TRAMP!
Benne Gesserit: Harlot!     Charlatan!     Parvenu!     EVIL-DOER!
Benne Gesserit: Skank
lightistoobright: strumpet!
Benne Gesserit: Mmmm, strumpets...
lightistoobright: ...

11/22/2002 07:59:00 PM   [ link ]

I am a goddess!!

Not really. But I have reached startling new achievements in the realm of vintage hair.


Until today, purposefully asymmetrical hairstyles were the extent of my experience. It's difficult to make just one roll look right, much less two rolls that must look the same as each other. Any bit of lopsidedness becomes painfully obvious. I have conquered the art of symmetrical rolls. Or maybe it was just dumb luck.

11/20/2002 07:08:00 PM   [ link ]

David: Action movies, sci-fi and computer programming... those all sound like pretty girly things to me. That would perhaps describe the "ideal" girl, anyway.

11/20/2002 02:15:00 PM   [ link ]

my brain is saved!!

Several people have contacted me with ideas about the picture that was making me crazy a few days ago. I got some quick and dirty responses from Tim, Alex and Noelle. I've also been emailing back and forth with Tom, considering various hypotheses. And finally, someone has enough photoshop savvy to actually duplicate the effect. (Somehow, it doesn't hurt my brain as much with the spiral centered instead of skewed.) However, he's decided to be rather mysterious about it. The only clue he gives is that he did not create the effect with mirrors. (Sorry, Noelle.)

Spill the beans, Jim. How did you do it?

11/19/2002 11:46:00 PM   [ link ]

on stereotypes

anomaly eight: you're not a normal girl. you like action movies and sci-fi and computer programming.

11/19/2002 10:39:00 PM   [ link ]

Today is one of those days where I'd really prefer to just shoot myself already and get it over with.

I've been in an uncharacteristically foul mood for the better part of a week now. I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been unnecessarily mean to people that don't at all deserve it. I've listened to far too much depressing music, and the worst part is that I don't even know why. There is no catalyst for this dispiritedness, it leapt from nowhere and clamped its jaws down on my throat.

I can't even successfully deal with inanimate objects such as soda machines. How am I supposed to deal with the rest of my life?

11/18/2002 01:24:00 PM   [ link ]

umm... I think she's officially insane

"HOOFPRINTS on DUNG!! This is very exciting." - Dr. Dale (Archaeology Professor)

11/14/2002 02:13:00 AM   [ link ]

This picture is driving me insane!! If anyone can figure out how it's done, I will reward you. Duplicate the effect in photoshop, explain a way to do it with mirrors or mirrors+photoshop...? There is one catch, however: you have to figure it out before it destroys my brain entirely, otherwise your solution is of no use to me.

11/11/2002 11:07:00 PM   [ link ]

Concert last night was great. Ben Folds is phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. Duncan Sheik did a phenomenally good job of playing the same song over and over again.

"This is a sentimental song about love."
(It starts out slow, gets to a part in the middle with some louder, repetitive chord changes, then slows down and trails off into a pseudo-ending.)

"This is a song about really f-ing up."
(It starts out slow, gets to a part in the middle with some louder, repetitive chord changes, then slows down and trails off into a pseudo-ending.)

"This is a song about the devil."
(It starts out slow, gets to a part in the middle with some louder, repetitive chord changes, then slows down and trails off into a pseudo-ending.)

(He actually introduced each song that way, too.) He even managed to make a Radiohead cover sound exactly the same as all his other songs. And he answered his cell phone while people were waiting in line for his autograph.

11/10/2002 05:46:00 PM   [ link ]

I knew there was something else I wanted to say in my last post, but at 2:30am I couldn't think of it. I remembered.

On the plane ride home did quantum homework while listening to the Pi Soundtrack. That is so impossibly geeky that I'm having trouble coming to terms with the fact that I actually did it. Can I just pretend like I didn't? Am I allowed to pretend I didn't do it, but still like that soundtrack?

Arrgh. Must... destroy... cognitive dissonance!

11/10/2002 02:22:00 AM   [ link ]

I left sunny St. Louis and travelled to California.

It rained the entire time I was there.

Which is fine, since I love rain. But still, I think it's a little ironic...

11/07/2002 04:05:00 PM   [ link ]

I'm going to California.

My first really for real job interview ever.

(I am scared.)

My first visit to Los Angeles, ever.

My first time dancing in a major city besides St. Louis.

I'm leaving now.


11/06/2002 03:39:00 PM   [ link ]

Tim, I apologize in advance. I am shameless.

Countless stories I have read and movies I have watched lead me to believe that the laundromat is a prime place for lonely people to 1) find the man or woman of their dreams and 2) begin a budding romance. So, every few weeks, I trek to the laundromat. And every few weeks, I sit alone and watch the dryers spin, and leave cruelly disappointed. Is this "laundromat-come-singles bar" phenomenon merely a cheap device employed by fiction writers? I was beginning to think so, until today...

Today my laundry excursion somehow morphed into a date. And by "date", I mean that a blue-eyed boy reading Henry Miller smiled at me a lot and then asked if I would like to play Ms. Pacman. This time, sadly, there will be no budding romance. But I like to attribute that to my embarassingly bad Pacman skills more than anything else.

11/03/2002 06:01:00 PM   [ link ]

I'm not sure that the world really needs another weblog post to this effect, but:

The Ring is a scary, scary movie.

Also, The Esquire is the worst theater ever. There was a guy towards the front that would yell "Awwwwww, SHIT!" every time something scared him. Then there was the guy over at the left side that kept a running commentary, loud enough for the whole theater to hear.

"Uh oh, she's gonna die!"
"Seven days! Oh I get it!"
"Look, the phone's BLEEDING! How the hell...? Phones don't BLEED!!"
"Look, she's jumping off! She committed suicide!"

And then there were the people that laughed at the part with the horse. (There was a part involving a horse that was most decidedly not funny (nor was it intended to be)). Yet the majority of the people in the theater laughed at it. It really makes me question the collective sanity of the human race. Not that I didn't already.

And afterwards:
Tim: That was the worst theater I have ever been in.
Me: No kidding. The guy behind me kept kicking my chair.
Emily: Hey, he was kicking my chair too!
Tim: The guy behind me kept kicking my chair! Maybe it was the same guy. I bet he was really fat.
Me: And had three legs.