3/30/2004 04:39:00 PM   [ link ]


1) I'm moving. Despite a smaller bedroom, my new apartment is awesome! I mean come on. I can climb out my bedroom window and onto the roof!

2) The I/O board in my computer at work BROKE today for the THIRD TIME. kasjfhakdfjhakadh

3) I dropped my networking class.** I swear, it was eating away at my soul. Also, I felt like killing myself every time I attempted to do the projects for it. I feel like a dirty quitter, but how can being a dirty quitter be wrong when it feels so gooood?

4) In exchange for dropping networking, I have promised myself that I will work on my research at least 25 hours a week instead of the required 20. This would be a lot easier to accomplish if the STUPID BOARD hadn't broken AGAIN.

5) This amuses me.

** Too bad for you, Eric! Hahaha.