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my weekend was... unusual

Friday: reconnected with some great friends from freshman year; watched some good movies; realized at 4am that there were cars parked around Chris's such that he was unable to drive me home; subsequently crashed at his place.

Saturday: entered the twilight zone. No, really.

First of all, Tim was incredibly late picking me up for the symphony. No wait, I'm not being clear. I've just implied that Tim being late is a twilight zone-ish occurance, when in fact it is quite normal, and even expected. The twilight zone part comes at dinner. Imagine going to a restaurant, but imagine that everything you think you know about restaurant protocol is wrong. Imagine that every time you do anything, the workers look at you as if you are from a foreign country. And although you are quite sure that at any other restaurant your actions would be met with no surprise at all, you begin to wonder if perhaps you have entered some sort of alternate universe where restaurants are just supposed to keep their doors locked even when there are people eating inside, and the waitress is supposed to fetch the cook so you may personally ask him whether you can substitute the "boiled cabbage" (that comes with your meal) for a simple side of vegetables (that comes with every other meal). Maybe in this universe everyone has three stomachs, so the waitress is supposed to be completely baffled when you only order one dinner each.

Waiters kept running downstairs to a hidden section of the restaurant which we began to suspect was used for shady drug deals, or a brothel. Or maybe even for executing any customers who do not follow the correct protocol...

doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo...

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Today, Ana ate her first bowl of cat food instead of kitten food.


(Happy approximate-birthday, Ana.)

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on dancing

"You see, that's the difference between a sport and an art. We put out the same amount of effort, but we have to give the appearance that it is easy. No effort at all. You don't see a dancer run offstage and spike her tiara into the wings!"

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WANTED: One best friend.

Must make me laugh, cheer me up, and expect me to do the same in return. Must have uncontrollable urge to talk for hours and completely lose track of time. Must have whatever that intangible connection is that makes a best friend better than all of your other friends.

Must NOT move far away, or suddenly stop talking to me without explanation.

Now accepting applications.

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rbesand: to me it seems simplier than he makes it out to be, which usually means I don't really understand it
lightistoobright: or it could just be his talent with obfuscating the English language

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The United States: 2 legit 2 quit

This is an actual news site which quotes an actual (ostensibly important) person as saying the following:

"But make no mistake. When the president says 'go,' look out! It's hammer time. It's hammer time."

It was on cnn too, but no one will believe me.

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I just realized that I have no plans for my birthday tomorrow. Well, no plans other than going to class from 11am to 7pm. Someone help me think of something fun to do. Please?

update: I did end up doing something fun. The original plan was to play mini-golf and ride go-karts and generally pretend to be in third grade again. Due to inclement weather, we ended up at Dave & Buster's instead, where we played arcade games and played with our food. Wheeee!

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I forgot something.

While in Denver, we saw a real life cliche. An honest-to-god painting of Elvis on black velvet. For real.

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T: I am Gandalf. The Khaki.
A: ....
A: Do you shop at the Gap of Rohan?

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My spring break was the best. But this isn't just a "What I did on my Spring Break" post, in the boring travelogue sense. (The boring travelogue part is contained entirely within these parentheses - I roadtripped with Sara and Jenny to Denver and swing danced all weekend long. All. Weekend. Long.) It's taken me a while to collect my thoughts together, but here they are:

on happy coincidences:

We arrived in Denver on Thursday afternoon, and met our host for the weekend, Alice. Immediately after we walked in the door, she said, "It's beautiful. Let's go hiking." So we did. We hiked up to Red Rock Ampitheater (of "Dave Matthews: Live at Red Rocks" fame). We sat, enjoyed the sun, and marvelled at the acoustics as a random guy played his guitar. Suddenly, Sara sits up and yells, "Hey! I know her!" Jenny and I realize we, too, recognize people. WashU people. Wheels turn in our heads... Hey, these people are all in the Mosaic Whispers!! Who would have guessed that during the half hour we spent at the ampitheater, WashU's most amazing acapella group would just happen to wander in and give us an impromptu concert?

on boys with wonderful smiles:

On Thursday night, we did some light dancing. Where by "light" I mean "four hours" as opposed to eight. Or ten. And there was this boy there who had this smile that made me want to fall over and die. Really, it was that good. But then later I realized that this boy was perfectly aware of the fact that his smile was of the sort that made girls want to fall over and die. What's more, he was using his smile. He would smile at people, not out of joy, but because of the reaction it caused. And that completely erased any of the charm that his smile might have had.

on clowns in a car:

On Friday afternoon we stuffed way too many people into a Subaru. We pulled up at a stoplight next to a little Asian man who did a double take. Squinted. Formed his mouth into a little 'O'. Raised his finger and began counting each of us. We graciously saved him the trouble by holding up 10 fingers in the window.

on subconscious desires:

I have this theory that even though "Hot in Herre" is a very silly song that was completely overplayed last summer, all swing dancers have had a growing secret urge to dance to it. On Friday night, I totally danced to it. While dressed in full vintage garb. And when it got to the part about "Checkin your reflection and tellin your best friend / like 'girl I think my butt gettin big' ", I totally turned around and gave my butt a critical stare.

on dancing geeks:

I have this other theory about geeks that dance (specifically, geeks of the "socially repressed boy" type). And I think there are two kinds. The first kind is quiet and nervous around girls, but when he learns to dance and gets really good at it, he gains confidence. He gets so good at dancing that all the girls really want to dance with him. And then it no longer matters that he's nervous about talking to girls, because he can just dance, and worry about the conversation later.

The second kind aspires to be like the first kind, but never gets good enough at dancing to actually gain any confidence. He gets stuck in this sad little rut where he's already afraid to talk to girls, and to make matters worse they don't like dancing with him because he isn't any good. Also, he hasn't managed to acquire a sense of fashion like the first type usually does.

There are actually a lot more of the first type (the success stories) than you might suspect.

on eye contact:

There are definitely two distinct kinds of eye contact I receive while dancing. The first kind, it's as if the guy is thinking "Hm. A lot of girls here are cute. You are one of them. I will take advantage of the fact that we are dancing to inspect all aspects of your cuteness. It is my right." This sort of guy usually thinks he's really smooth. You know what I think? I think he's creepy.

With the second kind, it's as if the guy is thinking "Wow. You are the most beautiful person in this room, and I can't believe I get to dance with you." Both sorts of eye contact are compliments. But only one makes me want to fall in love with the guy on the spot.

on acting skills:

After continually making wrong turns in the city of Denver (and continually driving tens of blocks in the wrong direction as every person in the car failed to notice the mistake), we found ourselves driving to the Sunday afternoon dance. In the wrong direction. To cover for our embarrasing mistake, we fabricated this totally unbelievable story involving a bear to explain why we were late. Because we didn't want everyone to know that we had gotten lost. Again. Some people even believed the story, that's the best part.

And then we drove home and on the way we swing danced in the middle of Burger King the end.

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yay for thunder so powerful it sets off multiple car alarms.

lengthy post incoming, stay tuned.

rain makes me happy.

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ok, everyone's having way too much fun with this whole monkey thing.

So, after Jim and Ben both linked to Mount Athos in an attempt to boost Lucas's "monkey fashion show" google ranking, the paradoxic result is...

Jim is now the premiere source of "monkey fashion show"-related material. At least the last time I checked. Even more amusing (to me, anyway) was the ad to the right of the google search results...

"Monkey Accessories".

Yes, you too can own a Beaded Monkey Coin Purse, simply by travelling to www.100monkeys.org!

Buy them for all your friends!

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To all the doubters who told me to "chin up, you're being too hard on yourself": rejection letter number 2 came yesterday.

It wasn't even a real letter; it was an email.