Here is my adorable kitty!:

"Whatever. I'm cooler than you anyway."

"I must learn to operate this lamp switch!"

I got Ana from the humane society today (July 9, 2002). She is 2months old, so she's still very small.*** She's part Siamese, which is perfect. She has beautiful Siamese coloring, but she's missing the aloof (and sometimes mean) temperament that Siamese are known for. She's also not cross-eyed. She has dark blue eyes and she likes to chew on my fingers. She also likes to lick the outsides of soda cans. She does this adorable thing where she walks up by my face when I'm lying down, and she looks at me and then falls over onto my shoulder *kerthump!* and goes to sleep.

I have the cutest cat ever.

*** When I got her, they thought she was 2 months old, based on her size. It turns out, she was nearly 4 months old but very scrawny! She's 5 months old now and still seems tiny to me. I guess she'll always be a pretty small cat.