6/29/2006 03:00:00 PM   [ link ]

things to know:

Life has been crazy. I'm wrapping up the last few days of my graduate student life, trying to get things finished before I leave. I'm still mulling over job possibilities, but I don't really want to write about that stuff here until I've made a decision. I'm pretty close to a decision.

Job hunting has pulled me way out of my comfort zone when it comes to making phone calls and leaving messages and stuff. I'm currently taking deep breaths and trying to figure out the most diplomatic possible way to tell one person "I definitely don't want to work for you." I should take care of that phonecall today, but I'm dragging my feet.

I've more or less sworn off of IM. I now try to use it only when it's an odd hour and I need evidence to support that a person is awake before I call them.

I REALLY wish right now that there was an Ott's in St. Louis. It was this teeny little building in Springfield, no bigger than a shack, and for a couple bucks they'd make you a take out dinner of bread sticks, tasty salad, and one of several pasta selections. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

I'm probably going to make a sparkler bomb for the 4th, as usual. If anyone wants to watch me set it off, just let me know. They're pretty sweet.

That's all for now!