6/21/2006 08:02:00 PM   [ link ]

I just ate the worst food I have ever made for myself. It was just a spinach salad! With black olives and tomatoes and red onion! And to make it more like a dinner, I was going to put some hard-boiled eggs on it. But I didn't cook the eggs long enough, so they were soft-boiled eggs. They probably would have been edible, but NOO, I had to go and put them in the microwave to "fix" them and then they EXPLODED and turned disgustingly RUBBERY. Grossest.

I am once again floundering and feeling completely incapable of rational decision-making processes. Lists of pros and cons of various jobs are not helping yet. Attempting to choose based on which pathway, when visualized in great detail, makes me feel the least sick to my stomach and terrified: inconclusive. All possibilities lead to feeling like I just ate rubbery eggs.