5/30/2006 06:49:00 PM   [ link ]

gah, what is WRONG with me?

With something as simple as a cover letter, or a thank you note after an interview, or yes, even a stupid resume summary statement I honestly have the most severe mental blocks even possible. I agonize. Is it professional enough? Does it seem sincere? (I worry way too much about this one.) Does it sound too much like a form letter that I just plugged the appropriate name into, EVEN THOUGH I JUST NOW WROTE IT FROM SCRATCH? (Usually, I am convinced that it does.) Does it have any typos? (Knowing me, this is unlikely. Yet I still feel the compulsion to read and reread any job-related correspondences approximately 6,325,487 times before it seems "safe" to send it off.)

I have no reason to think that a minute change in the wording of a thank you letter will be the difference between getting a job or missing out.


And I have no reason to actually doubt that I will get at least one job offer from the aforementioned three interviews... but I catch myself worrying about that too.

So, um, until I get one actual real job offer so that I can maybe breathe just a little bit, until then everyone in Internetland is gonna have to deal with all my job hunting related ANGST and AGONY.

And until then, I'll keep closing my eyes each time I hit "send" on an email, peeking out cautiously only once it has been whisked safely away from my hands.