12/22/2004 04:21:00 PM   [ link ]

time for something new.

My 18+ months of playing with lasers will be over in May. In May I will be finished with my master's degree, and the funding that currently pays me to play with lasers will run out. I had always thought that the funding might continue a bit longer, and that I could put off joining the real world indefinitely.

So when I heard last week that more funding was something I "shouldn't count on," naturally I was terrified. "I might have to live on the streets in May!!" I thought, "Or worse, get a REAL job!"

So, I went to talk to one of my favorite professors and see if she had any funding for me. I was awfully intimidated. I had done well in her class, but had I done well enough to stand out? Had I done well enough to justify walking up to her and saying "will you please give me money to cover my tuition, rent, food, and all other expenses for the next 3-4 years?"

Apparently, I am good enough. In fact, it was much easier than I thought. All I did was mention my interest in the doctoral program, and she immediately talked at length about her research and stacked my bag full of papers to read. So, it seems like pretty much a done deal, barring some red tape and paperwork.

I'm gonna be a doctor! A doctor of computer graphics! And I don't have to worry about living on the streets anymore!