7/28/2003 02:57:00 PM   [ link ]

Heyyyyy, Website! Haven't seen you around in a while, how have you been?

Well that's good to hear. I've been doing all right myself.

Amy. My name is Amy.

No, don't worry about it! I'm bad with names too sometimes.

Oh, you know. I've just been doing the same old stuff. Playing around with my fat new computer at work. Going dancing. Going rock climbing. I almost have arm muscles now, but I don't think anyone else can see them but me. And what have you been keeping yourself busy with lately?

Well. I'm sorry to hear that you've been lonely, Website. I'll try to visit more often, how's that?

No, of course I care about you. I don't know know why you'd suggest such a thing! I just... don't really have any good stories to tell you right now. You know I'd tell you all my stories if they were the slightest bit entertaining.

I was going to surprise you with this later, but you seem kind of down, so I'll tell you now. I've been working on a new home for you! You won't have to share space with all those other WashU websites, you can have a nice cozy little Linux box all to yourself. And it's in my bedroom, so I'll be able to keep you company whenever you want! Doesn't that just sound perfect?

I knew you'd love it. Do you feel better now?

A story? I already told you I don't have any good ones.

All right, fine. Last night I watched the most horrible cop movie ever made. Then I played a game of ping pong. The score was 5-15; I was losing. Then Chris accidentally said the score backwards, so it sounded like I was winning. I said, "I could live with that score." We pretended the score was 15-5 and kept playing. I still lost.

I told you it wasn't a very good story.

7/10/2003 11:54:00 AM   [ link ]

wow, that was the first lengthy post I've written in a long time, and it was a rant about doors.

that's kind of sad.

7/10/2003 11:52:00 AM   [ link ]

Well, since Jim has no comments, I'm posting over here.

What is up with those Lopata doors?! Those have confused me as long as I've been here. You've got these gigantic double doors, where each half of the door seems to be wider than a normal door. However, once you've used the doors to get a very large object into the building, you're stuck! Your only choice is to leave this hypothetical large object just inside the doors, because there is nowhere else to go with it. If it's large enough to really need those huge doors, then it's not going to fit in the elevator. And it's certainly not going to fit down the skinny hallway on your left. And it's not going to fit through the normal sized door in front of you (which I think only leads to a closet anyhow).

So. You've got this huge dock where trucks can drive up, carrying Things. And you've got these huge doors to get those Things into the building. And you've got an elevator, presumably to distribute Things easily throughout the building. The only problem is that there are many, many Things that will fit through the doors but not go into the elevator.

Why not just have smaller doors and quit getting people's hopes up?

7/09/2003 02:38:00 PM   [ link ]

that's very cute.

My web browser at work is so old and horrible that it won't correctly display the page that would have allowed me to download a new browser.

This is almost poetically frustrating.

7/01/2003 11:46:00 AM   [ link ]

I hate being disappointed, and I hate even more that I am so completely incapable of dealing with it.