8/16/2003 12:24:00 AM   [ link ]

ahh, vacation.

So, I wasn't really thinking about this while I was at the library, but I ended up sitting on the beach reading.... Dune.

It made me thirsty.

things of note:

1) best Chinese restaurant name ever: A Wok on the Beach
2) worst store name ever: Nu-Tu-Yu Antiques (in Arkansas.)
3) a water sprinkler used for wetting a gravel driveway. no grass in sight. (also Arkansas.)
4) a road sign that said "Warm Fork", complete with matching restaurant, "Warm Fork Cafeteria". actual road sign referred to a river.
5) numerous signs that abbreviated Mississippi without the courtesy of a period at the end, leading to no small amount of confusion with obscure beauty pageants. Leading, furthermore, to my desire to don an evening gown and white sash, and have my picture taken with a sign that proclaims me "Miss Hwy 87", or better yet "Miss Juvenile Rehabilitation Center".