4/05/2003 02:35:00 PM   [ link ]

Hooo boy. Last night I celebrated the whole grad school thing pretty hard core. Went out to dinner, went to a casino and gambled away $20, one quarter at a time. (My official stance is that casinos are something everyone should experience at least one time. That was my one time.) Then went out to the Delmar Lounge for a drink. Chris gets up to close the tab, so I'm sitting there at the table alone for a minute. Apparently I'm looking rather vulnerable (who knows?), because then this guy walks by, takes a look at my drink, and says, "Heyyyyyy. That's a nice lemon you got there."

I kid you not. A nice lemon. He keeps on walking, as I try to keep from bursting out laughing, but a few minutes later, he comes back. "That's still a really nice lemon you got there..... Can I buy you a lemon?" he says. I say no. "Oh... 'cause... they're really expensive.... you know..." He trails off and wanders away. This time I can't contain the burst of laughter.

A lemon?!?