2/19/2003 01:47:00 PM   [ link ]

Today I went to health services, where there were prominently displayed signs that read "The flu is coming to campus! It's not too late to get your shot!" Or at least, that's what they should have read. However, it looks as though someone was slightly overzealous with formatting. For instance, who decided that the word "flu" needed to be all caps, blue, and italic? Who decided that "campus" needed to be capitalized? Who decided that "too late" needed to be printed in red with yellow highlighting, with "too" in all caps? And who in God's name decided that "your" needed to be formatted in each of the following ways:

1) all caps
2) blue
3) italic
4) underlined
5) and enclosed in quotes?

Why do people use quotation marks on arbitrarily selected words? The flu is coming to campus! It's not too late to get "your" shot! Is this supposed to imply that it's not really my shot, and they're only referring to it as mine for some unexplained reason?


I think stuff like this bothers me too much.