2/17/2003 08:31:00 PM   [ link ]

There have been a number of posts in the WashU circle about a particular annoying person who shall not be named, most notably over at Pandaposse. This person showed up during my lab hours today and produced the following amusing anecdote as a fellow student attempted to help him:

He Who Shall Not Be Named: Well, I'm just not used to this software, I've never used it before.

[note that no one else in the class had used the software before either]

Helpful Fellow Student: Just think about the highest level, the dumbest you can be, because that's the level this software is operating at.

Apparently that level is not dumb enough for He Who Shall Not Be Named, as he continued to have problems (which Helpful Fellow Student patiently answered). Helpful Fellow Student, I salute you. You kept me from being the one to field all those questions. You have saved the shreds of sanity I have left after attempting to do my Operating Systems homework.