2/08/2003 04:08:00 PM   [ link ]

back from hibernation?

Lots of emotional ups and downs these past few weeks. Lots of stress and lack of sleep and relationships going down and then back up again. Two close friends in the hospital for different reasons (who's next? don't these things come in threes?). Lots of guilt, lots of laughter, lots of happiness, lots of crying. Bounce, bounce, bounce bounce bouncebouncebouncebouncebounce. Lots of fixing on things that were broken. Lots of breaking and fixing and breaking and fixing. Broken bones, broken friendships, broken New Year's Resolutions.

I think I'm back now. I'm hoping that life can manage to be more stable and less scary for a little while.

I'll close with the observation that going to the Funny Bone on a Thursday night wins the award for Most Cost Effective Date Ever. (Boys, take note.) First of all, it's college night. So admission is only a dollar instead of the usual $15. One dollar! There's supposed to be a two drink minimum, but really that's only for suckers who choose to follow it. If you don't buy any drinks, they certainly don't force you to. But wait, it gets better! Any time you pay admission to the Funny Bone, you get free admittance to the blues club next door! So your evening includes two comedians, sweet sweet music, and even some sexy dancing if you are so inclined, for a grand total of only TWO DOLLARS for you and a date. Someone tell me of an equally fun-intensive night on the town that's cheaper than that. That's right, you can't. Because this is the Most Cost Effective Date Ever. You can't even buy one person food at McDonald's for that price!