9/21/2002 02:27:00 AM   [ link ]

Yeah so, the concert...

And you will know us by the trail of the dead: The singer jumped down on the floor with his guitar, and then when he climbed back on stage, the crowd decided to keep his guitar and the B&D guy had to get it back for him. But I don't have a lot to report about the headlining bands, because what really killed me was the opening act.

"Peaches." How can I even start describing her? I guess you should imagine an 80's hooker. Reeeeeally short shorts. Fishnets. White patent stilleto ankle boots. Hot pink jacket. Mullet. A curly mullet. She repeatedly went offstage to change her outfit. Each time, the shorts got shorter until finally she was wearing a only a bra and hot pink men's underwear. Like tighty whities. Only pink. One time she went off to change and left her backup singer just standing there, wiggling her bum and drinking a beer.

Did I mention the mullet?

Her characteristic stance while onstage was: feet well beyond shoulder width apart, head thrown back, pelvis jutted forward to display the crotch of her short shorts... and a microphone in one hand, while the other made lewd gestures. When some guys in the back started booing her, she told them... hmmm... In an attempt to keep this weblog suitable for my grandmother to read, curious individuals may ask me what she said she would do to them. I think she might actually have been a man.

I did mention the white patent stilleto ankle boots, didn't I?