9/03/2002 01:55:00 PM   [ link ]

Can't you people see that cell phones make you stupid??

Two examples. Last night at dinner, I saw a girl carry on literally a 20-25 minute conversation with the guy next to her about the various features of her phone. She's in the middle of a restaurant, and she can't think of anything more interesting to say than "See, you press *86 to check the messages (blah blah blah) night and weekend minutes (blah blah blah)." I'm sure her date was fascinated.

Today, I was eating lunch on campus. A girl walked over and sat near me with her food, and immediately pulled out her phone. She called a friend (who was presumably standing in line with her only minutes before) and said "yeah, I'm in the back." My first thought was that her friend probably lost her sense of sight in some tragic childhood accident. I was prepared to be dutifully sympathetic, until the friend arrived moments later with healthy vison. A minute or two after that, the friend's cell phone rang.

"Hello?... Oh, hi!... Yeah, we're in the back."