7/30/2002 10:09:00 PM   [ link ]

Jumping on the bandwagon:

Since everyone else is talking about bugs, I feel I should raise an extremely important question on the subject.

Why do bugs in the movies make weird clicking noises? Seriously, why? Real bugs do not make these noises. There seems to be a universal "scary bug" noise that all movie bugs make. This noise has no apparent connection to real life.

It seems a rather odd decision on the part of Hollywood, when you think about it. If I were trapped in a dark room with a giant bug, I'd feel much more comfortable if it would make some clicking noises so I'd know where it was. A silent bug would be an awful lot creepier, since you wouldn't even know it was there until it crawled on you.

ps - Earlier I was bored enough to (briefly) think it might be amusing to link every mention of "bug" in the preceding paragraphs to a random picture of a bug. I find it very odd that when you search Google's image database for "giant scary bug", the only results are these two (entirely non-scary) images.