7/01/2002 05:10:00 AM   [ link ]

I am officially insane. For me, getting ready for bed always involves exactly two things to do in the bathroom. Brush teeth. Remove contacts. So just now, I walked into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth. I picked up my contact case and began doing the only sensible thing I could do, given its current state. I put my my contacts into my eyes.

I began a frantic conversation with my brain: I just went in the bathroom and did two things, one involving contacts and the other involving a toothbrush. Yet, my vision is strangely unblurry, meaning I am not yet ready for bed. How can this happen??


Right... I didn't leave the house today. I never put my contacts in in the first place. Taking them out is therefore unnecessary, you idiot.

Maybe absentminded would be a better word.