7/07/2002 09:26:00 PM   [ link ]

A few days ago (on Canada Day) I read a list of Things That Canada Invented. (Sadly, I have lost the link.) This list included "baseball". What?? I thought. But.... baseball is as American as apple pie! Isn't it...? I read further, and discovered that "apple pie" was on the list, too! This disturbs me greatly. Consulting Google I find no evidence that Canadians invented either apple pie or baseball. But what if they did? How is is possible that "American as apple pie" is such a prevalent motto here if it's not even true?

"as American as stealing things from other countries and claiming them for ourselves."

It's funny because it's true...

*** UPDATE*** 9:48 PM

Ro, I bow before your superior Google skills. I also bow before your glorious Canadianness.

This site says that apple pie is Canadian. Baseball, it says, may or may not be Canadian.