6/27/2002 04:35:00 AM   [ link ]

Where can I even begin? Tonight I wore my bright yellow skirt dancing. Lori loved it, which is awesome because she's got the best taste in vintage clothes ever. I think I need to name this skirt Happy Skirt, because I always have many many fun dances when I wear it. After dancing, a few of us went to Coffee Cartel and witnessed an absolute horde of drunken people. Why would anyone get completely drunk and then go to a coffee house? I have no idea. But anyway... there was this girl there. Yeah, we knew something was weird when she started giving someone a lap dance. But then she sort of, um, gave new meaning to the term "flashing". So... first of all, she was indeed flashing the Coffee Cartel clientele. But more importantly, her nipple ring was adorned with... a flashing light. Scary.

Between that and the five of us swing dancing between tables, I'm sure the employees had a most amusing night.