6/10/2002 12:17:00 PM   [ link ]

Weekend Recap:

Saturday: Did everything. Went with a bunch of people to the sculpture gardens, alternated between mock pretentiousness and real pretentiousness while discussing the art. Went to Pho Grand Vietnamese restaurant (delicious! and super cheap). Wandered through the Festival of Nations, watched a flamenco dancer, drug the boys away before the Hawaiian dancers came out. Went out swing dancing, started teaching the boys how to Lindy. Made a spur of the moment decision to stop at Krispy Kreme on the way home (something just seems silly about purchasing donuts at a drive through at midnight). Discussed the general inferiority of Krispy Kreme donuts, then proceeded to enjoy the best donut I have ever eaten in my life (I have no idea why it tasted sooo good). Returned home exhausted. Briefly thought that the posting contest between michael and Aaron was over (so soon!), then remembered that Aaron is in a different time zone. Went to sleep.

Sunday: Did nothing. And I mean nothing. Slept far too long, and stayed in my room all day. Lazy, lazy, lazy! Became bored and apathetic by the end of the day, and didn't even do the laundry I needed to do. Had random IM conversations. Kicked myself when Alex pointed out the perfect way to end one of my earlier posts. Really kicked myself hard. In fact... I think I have to fix it now. Yes, I must... Scroll down and read the new and improved post about manufacturer's warning labels, special thanks to Alex for being smarter and funnier than me.