6/04/2002 02:07:00 PM   [ link ]

The chip that I am designing for comes with the following warning from the manufacturer:
Xilinx products are not intended for use in life support appliances, devices, or systems. Use in such applications are expressly prohibited.
This leaves me asking the all-important question when it comes to hardware design: Am I allowed to use this chip in a missile control system? Apparently I am. I assume that Xilinx displays this warning in order to avoid liability should their chip malfunction. But how is it possible that they consider life support a greater liablilty than missile control? (In fact, they seem to consider it the only liability.) If their chip fails, which case is likely to get them in more trouble?

That's it. After work, I will use this chip to take over the world. Then of course, I will sue the manufacturer for allowing me to do so.