4/30/2002 06:55:00 PM   [ link ]

Me, discussing my lack of inspiration to write a welcoming post for my new weblog:

lightistoobright: for some reason, everything I think of sounds stupid to write in this post
lightistoobright: I have to really be motivated, or else my writing sucks a lot
nothingtobedone: welcome to my world
lightistoobright: almost everything I've posted so far, I wrote in my head all at once, and then jumped up and wrote it down before I forgot
lightistoobright: this is like posting because I have to rather than because I want to
lightistoobright: and so I'm having some issues with it
nothingtobedone: exactly
nothingtobedone: thats why I never post
lightistoobright: basically, I need a post that welcomes everyone to my real weblog
lightistoobright: and a link to you, thanking you for the design
lightistoobright: and a link to my old posts
lightistoobright: but I seem to be incapable of writing such a post

I guess that sums things up. But do check out my old posts if you want to read what I wrote here before it looked pretty. (big thank yous to the boys at -273 for helping my site be more than just a plain text weblog.)