4-29-02 4:06pm
lightistoobright: so what are you up to?
EHawk1024: doin homework
lightistoobright: haha! I don't have any more
lightistoobright: no more no more!
Ehawk1024: kljfdsakljfdsjhkfdsadsf
Ehawk1024: that was sweedish for you suck

4-27-02 4:01pm
When I was a little girl, my mother would always say that if an eyelash
had fallen off onto my cheek, I should put it on the back of my hand,
blow it away, and make a wish. (I guess everyone grows up with silly
little rules for when you get to wish for something.) I don't remember
what I wished for when I was little, but it seems like for a long time
lately, I've always wished for the same thing. Every time, the same
wish, without even thinking about it first. Today there was an eyelash
on my cheek, and I realized that my usual wish didn't seem so important

I wish to never again be so smugly satisfied with my life that I make
wishes without giving them any thought. 

I wish to always have new things to wish for.  

4-26-02 9:30am
After dragging myself out of bed at 7am this morning (on <2 hours of
sleep, nonetheless) to take a physics exam that I was completely
unprepared for, I finished before anyone else in the class. This is
*definitely* not a good thing. I stayed to fill out the course
evaluation, which gave the professor the chance to look over my exam. As
I was leaving, he asked if I'm absolutely sure I don't want to be a
physics major. (Excuse me, but I think I just failed your exam. Now you
want me to be a physics major?!) It takes a very sick and twisted person
to say something like that. That's right, hit me when I'm down. Another
exam and a paper to turn in before I get to sleep, it's gonna be a long

4-26-02 2:14am
So... the irony that my most recent post was posted to a *fake* weblog
only just now dawned on me. (I'm so dense sometimes.)

The first start in getting something real in my life will be the *real*
lightistoobright. It is coming soon, I promise...

4-25-02 4:23pm
Right now, I'm writing a fake letter from one fake company to another
saying how much they enjoyed working on a fake project. When I am done,
I will make up some fake science to fill out the rest of my paper. After
that, I will study quantum physics, which is also obviously made up. 

I need something real in my life.

4-25-02 3:18am
My mind is so jumbled up today. I could lie on my bed for ages, staring
at the wall with my mouth partly open. Not sleeping, not even thinking,
just letting the incoherent stream of consciousness roll by... 

4-24-02 10:14pm
I wish I didn't have to write this tech writing paper. Also, I wish I
had a real weblog. 

4-24-02 1:15am 
I'm a horrible person. Michael is not actually an idiot. I only said
that to make him mad. So, I apologize. I apologize to michael. I
apologize to anyone else who happened to read my site and mistakenly get
the impression that I think michael is an idiot. In fact, I think that
michael is a very nice person, and not an idiot at all. Michael, can you
ever forgive me?

4-24-02 12:30am
michael is an idiot.