1/25/2004 01:40:00 AM   [ link ]

Why my Saturday night was exponentially better than yours:

1) I pulled off the best vintage hairdo ever. EVER. In fact, I'm going to post a million pictures of it just because I am so proud.

I had to use a lot of light so all the rolls would show up.

In fact, my face seems to be glowing in this one.

This flower was attached to my dress, but it looked ugly there. So I cut it off and used it as a hair ornament.

A side view.

And one more, just because Ana is being cute.

2) I went to this crazy prom-themed party at an art gallery in Soulard.

3) The costumes were fabulous, I saw everything from powder blue ruffled tuxes to bad 80s prom dresses to mowhawks to drag queens. There were representatives from every decade since the 20s.

*** INTERMISSION *** during which I will mention the only reason that your night might have been better than mine. My feet hurt. A lot.

4) The art gallery was once an old jailhouse. There are still jail cells in it! They were each decorated with prom-like themes such as "Pretty in Pink" and "Under the Sea".

5) There were ice sculptures!!

6) I used my secret radar to locate the two guys in the room who knew a little swing dancing. And I got asked out by both of them.

7) A drag queen dressed as a 20s flapper proposed to me. A flapper drag queen proposed to me! No one can beat that.

1/24/2004 03:32:00 AM   [ link ]

It seems like there was something I wanted to write here. But then suddenly I was looking at an open blogger window with a fat white box waiting for me to type words into it, and the mere sight chased all coherent thoughts away. I think it has something to do with that orange and blue color scheme.

I mean, seriously. Who ever decided orange was a good color?

1/02/2004 12:55:00 AM   [ link ]

Haaaaaaaaapy New Year!!