11/13/2003 09:21:00 PM   [ link ]

warnings/statements printed on the sides of train cars en route to chicago:

- This car has four compartments.
- Close and lock both doors before moving car.
- Close this door first.
- 2 inch HF comp shoes.
- Your life is no match for an unsafe act!
- Pull here.
- Success through safety.
- CAUTION: Do not apply vibrator to any part of car body.

misc. other observations

A company which claims to provide "direct shipments on all ferrous and non-ferrous materials". Isn't that... um.... everything?

Some sort of manufacturing plant/warehouse with a giant list of emergency numbers, including a few random guys, police and fire departments, and the coast guard. The coast guard?? In.... um.... Illinois?

There are parts of Illinois in which the number of above-ground pools per capita seems to approach 1.

When your Amtrak station is as run down and crappy as the one in St Louis, the announcement guys go on weird power trips.
Actual Example: "The train will be boarding in approximately 25 minutes, so please do not leave the station. I repeat, please do not leave the station. We don't want anybody to get run over out there."
Actual Example: (as the train pulls up to the station, people start shuffling their things) "Uh.... we're not boarding yet. You're just gonna go out there and get cold."